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HKS Jewellery is a leading handmade jewellery studio based in London, UK. We have been making jewellery since 7 years. We are known for personalised jewellery which fits your budget and style. All our creations are bespoke and carefully handcrafted with love. We have an extensive collection of women's jewellery available online. There is a thought process and story behind every handmade jewellery piece. Personalised jewellery items are created with love and care.

Our beaded jewellery collection offers mix of gemstones with different types of beads such as glass beads, rondelle beads, faceted beads and much more in the beaded jewelry. We use 925 silver for premium jewellery range. We offer worldwide free delivery on all our products. 

Exclusivity of Handmade Jewellery

Jewellery has been part of human culture since prehistoric times. With the advent of machines, jewellery making has become a much easier and quicker process. Mass produced jewellery may offer a vast variety to choose from, yet it does not match up to the charm of handmade jewellery. One invests in jewellery with the intention of making a personalised style statement. While mass produced jewellery is easily available and is found in large varieties, it lacks exclusivity. Whereas, handmade jewellery is made one piece at a time. Due to the fact that this kind of jewellery is mostly made by human hands, each piece looks unique and irreplicable. Machines can replicate materials and moulds but cannot incorporate one’s personalised aesthetic sensibilities as accurately as a human can. This is why handcrafted jewellery holds its own place of importance in the existing fashion industry. In a world where there is more and more emphasis on individuality and uniqueness.

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