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That said, here are the things you need to lookout for when consulting

with jewelry buying firms here in the big apple. Some of the things

we’ll tell you may not be fancy. They may not even be what you want to

hear, but we feel that as an upstanding company, it’s better to put it

all out there so that you can make the right jewelry selling


Your gold, silver, diamonds and other precious metals are only as

valuable as the amount a jewelry buyer in New York will pay for it.

Gold currently costs twice its value a decade ago. So, if you want to

sell, start with your gold.

There are many factors responsible for the price of the jewelry.

Jewelers tend to consider the provenance, the history, current market

value, demand and fashion trends. The appraised value may be much

higher than the true market or “street” value. So, we generally

recommend containing your excitement until you’re made an offer by the


Do not list your jewelry on classified sites. You’ll probably get a

lot of ridiculous offers. Instead, walk into a certified jeweler’s

store like Diamond District Buyers and have your jewelry appraised.

You don’t even have to come with the real thing. Very clear pictures

will do. So, if you have some jewelry to sell in New York, walk into

our store and talk to us. We’re more than willing to help you with all

the information and assessment that you need.


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