Iconic vintage clothing for him and her. Vintage you deserve. 

NorthernGrip was founded a bit more than 10 years ago with passion towards history, antiques and vintage clothing and dream to create an amazing workplace for ourselves, friends and others. 

Many things have changed during those years but our core values have remained the same - stay integral, stay passionate and keep our carbon footprint in check.

We have sold more than 30 000 items to every corner of the world and our stock is constantly rotating and evolving. Our collection is handpicked around the world - we travel far and wide to get the best vintage there is.

Our specialty is classic, timeless clothing, a high-quality vintage that can be easily merged in anybody's wardrobe - only pieces that feel integral with us will be added to the collection. One-of-a-kind clothing is a way to compliment your personality and underline your uniqueness.

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