We supply Science and Mathematics books to primary and secondary schools across SA. 8 of the top 10 schools use our books and all our books coincide with the CAPS syllabus. Subjects include: Physical Sciences, Picture Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Technical Math, Technology, Chemistry etc.
physical science grade 8 textbook  (https://www.amaniyah.co.za/product/natural-sciences-gr-8)
physical science book 9th grade     (https://www.amaniyah.co.za/physical-science)
physical science grade 10 textbook  (https://www.amaniyah.co.za/product/physical-science-grade-10-solutions)
physical science text book grade 11  (https://www.amaniyah.co.za/product/physical-science-gr-11)
physical science grade 12 textbook   (https://www.amaniyah.co.za/product/physical-science-grade-12-solutions)


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