We supply high quality, regional Christmas trees fresh from the forest, right on your doorstep. Our goal is to help you delivering the freshest Christmas trees in the highest quality from your region. We know that a high-quality Christmas is important to you.

Our mission is to offer the freshest, finest quality, locally grown Christmas trees. We know a quality Christmas tree matters. We cut down only the finest trees, and each tree is checked at least three times before shipping.   There are amazing Christmas trees farmers just around the corner. Find your locally grown Christmas tree with WaldDirekt. We travel throughout Germany looking for the best farmers in your region, because we believe in supporting local. Not only you can buy a tree online and have it delivered, you can do so from a farmer  in your region.   Getting your Christmas tree home could not be easier. We offer free delivery throughout Germany on Christmas Trees. In addition, you can follow your order with your tracking code.

Address: Inderlenne 13, Schmallenberg, Nordrhein Westfalen, 57392, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 211 959 89515





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