Ezyglasses Prescription Glasses NZ

Klinac Ln, 32
Waipapa, 0295
New Zealand

Ezyglasses is New Zealand's favourite online supplier of prescription glasses, saving thousands of Kiwis money when buying new glasses. New Zealanders have become used to thinking that a pair of glasses will cost hundreds of dollars. Even for a cheap pair they will expect to pay $120 to $180 and think they’re getting a good deal. 

In reality those very glasses probably have a material cost of around $12 and the rest of the purchase price has been spend on the privilege of doing business with the retail outlet they bought them from! Ezyglasses has recognised this and by sourcing its products from suppliers in China (where most glasses & lenses are made anyway), and supplying direct to the wearer, are able to offer glasses wearers massive savings compared to what they would usually pay through traditional glasses retailers who are renowned for charging high prices with exorbitant margins.

Our website www.ezyglasses.co.nz is quick and easy to use. Our prices start at just $19.95 and this includes prescription lenses and delivery.
All glasses are covered by our 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee. This ensures our customers are rapt they made the decision to give us a try.

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