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Copper Utensil is our endeavor to bring the grandeur of copper ware right to your door steps. We provide excellent forged and finished products of Copper. These include decorative items and products that can be used in home or hotel. 

Copper is a metal that has been used by humans much before the advent of civilization. It is the only metal that is available on the surface of the earth in pure from, and the purification is quite easy. Just heating the ore gives copper as pure as it can get. It is more than chance that copper has been used to cook, eat and store drinking water. The recent researches show that copper has some properties that can be used to clean water for drinking purpose. Copper also has anti-microbial property that can be used to keep diseases away. Add to that the fact that Copper as a metal has got both royal look and history. Used by the royal class of yore, they can really spruce up your dining table and kitchen.

The most common issue with copper articles is tarnishing, and it is not a problem. The tarnishing happens as we try and clean it using our methods. Copper cleaning is different as it reacts with detergents commonly used for utensil cleaning. However, cleaning copper is very easy and we have a separate post on our blog for the same. It has specific instructions for cleaning articles made of copper. Specific instructions of use means that maintaining the copper utensil will never be a problem. 

Forging and finishing vessels and decorative items out of copper is and art and we believe in promoting the artists catering to people having taste for art. Flawless quality with round the clock service is available with us. You can ask questions also by dropping us an email. All suggestions of potential products are welcome. We also deliver especially designed copper ware (Limited Edition) just made for you. 

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