Raha - Organic Whole Food Restaurant by Natureland

Kuwait City

Run by Kuwaits first and most trusted company 'Natureland أرض الطّبيعة' the restaurant Raha will provide you with healthiest food. Not only organic, but whole food, with even a lot of gluten free meals.

Natureland is a family business that began around 1996. Khalid Sultan Al-Essa is a man who has had a life-long passion with organic foods. A man who loves fresh air in the morning, sunlight, and all that Allah’s has offered us in nature from scenery, plants, livestock, fresh fruits, and vegetables. By instinct he never appreciated the use of pesticides in agriculture. At home he enjoys farm fresh dairy, homemade yogurt and butter, grinds whole grains and makes his own homemade bread, and even likes harvesting his own honey. His passion for all that is natural was the inspiration of everything that is Natureland today.

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