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Epicure-grp.com is the unique restaurant & courses food lover can taste, professional chief ahmed al bader guide and services upper scale casual dinning, bstro, Breakfast, Gourmet, Casual Dining, Pizza, Pizzetta, Prime & Toast etc.

Kuwait restaurants, upper scale casual dinning, Kuwaity chef, bstro, Breakfast, Gourmet, Casual Dining, Pizza, Pizzetta, Prime & Toast, Epicure, Ahmad Al-Bader

The Epicure Group is a diverse and delicious amalgamation of contemporary restaurants in Kuwait, all under the creative guidance of Chef Ahmed Al Bader.

Whether it be hearty breakfast fare, innovative and unique pizzas, a contemporary youthoriented selection of mouth-watering bistro dishes, delicious modern Japanese “pub-style” food, or juicy flavorful steaks and grills, the Epicure Group is where it can be found.

Browse through our unique selection of restaurants and check out the wide selection of menus that will delight and satisfy the most discerning pallet and taste.

Inspired by cultures, flavors, and textures that were touched upon through his studies abroad and his travels today, the richly diverse and deliciously unique menus developed by Chef Ahmed Al Bader offer a disciplined and balanced hand in preparation toward the basic ideals of gourmet cuisine, and are bound to put a zing to your mouths, and a smile to your stomachs.


Opening Soon in Front of Seif Palace next to Burger Hub and Prime and Toast

Cantered around flavourful, rustic pizzas with a proprietary crust that is grilled and not baked, this new venue offers a diverse pallet of pizza creations that are at once light and crispy, yet packed with the true taste of the Italian country-side. Freshly made pastas, rolled on site, with a careful selection of Mediterranean ingredients, as well as wonderful salad dishes will be offered to please both the casual diner and seasoned gourmand.


Miqarmish offers a unique twist on the traditional through a fusion of fresh, gourmet ingredients and delicious combinations.With a mouth-watering menu of foods from the Levant, Miqarmish creates crispy falafel with its iconic shawarma combos, as well as a diverse pallet of other delicious meat and chicken dishes that will surely tantalize even the most discerning taste buds. If you’re looking to bite into something regionally traditional, but with a unique angle on textures and flavor, Miqarmish is the place to go.


Inspired by his personal experience and cultural impressions from Japan, Chef Ahmed Al Bader brings you Izakaya, where an exclusive yet woody atmosphere of the street pub in Japan meets the contemporary and discerning tastes of the Gulf region.

A diverse and rich menu of traditional and contemporary Japanese dishes await your taste buds, as well as several original fusion creations that are bound to surprise and delight.
Eighty6 Bistro

From off-beat creations like the crispy and flavorful “Kellogs Chicken”, roasted eggplants with hand-rolled “goafeta” cheese served in a jar, to cheese burger rolls and a delightfully fresh and pungent blanched tomato dish with apple and ginger sauce, Eighty6 Bistro offers a wide pallet of unique and innovative dishes that hail back to a more basic era of foods, yet creates a sensation of tastes and textures that are fused with the contemporary.

Newly opened in Phase Two of The Avenues in Kuwait, Eighty6 Bistro delivers its goods with colorful design and a rich retro environment. It also features the “The Chefʼs Table” where guests may reserve an extended table where Chef Ahmed Al Bader will prepare foods directly to them and be available to converse and discuss all matters of food and creative cuisine.

Inspired by an informed youth culture and a revolutionary era of the beatnik period in the West, its dishes offer a fusion of well-known flavors and ideas, balanced with a simplicity and a seasoned hand in all things gourmet..

Prime & Toast

From its own take on Huevos Rancheros to fluffy Ricotta Pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream; as well as a wide assortment of hearty sandwiches and fresh salads, and house specialities – like the P&T Spaghetti plate – Prime and Toas remains a favorite breakfast/ brunch stop in Kuwait, as well as a growing dinner/night spot, serving its savory dishes throughout the day and into the night.

Open from 8am and serving every day until 1130pm, P&T is the place to feast on delicious hearty meals with a friendly and warm atmosphere at any hour.

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