Chill Paws is a provider of CBD products, like drops, balms, and treats for cats and dogs. It all began back when the now owner of Chill Paws noticed lots of issues with a family cat. While his family was away, the cat would stay with friends or other family members, and she always got very sick and anxious. After a bit of research, it was discovered that the benefits of CBD could work well with animals, too, but there was very little information about it online and lots of testing still needs to be done.

Cats and dogs have endocannabinoid systems that work similarly to that of humans for things like inflammation, anxiety, arthritis, etc. CBD is a more natural, holistic alternative to other, stronger medications that pet owners use, like Xanax. Pet owners have used Chill Paws products to address conditions such as anxiety (including separation anxiety), aggression, pain, inflammation, arthritis, sleep issues, and hyperactivity. Chill Paws’ best-selling product is the 500mg CBD oil, which is marketed to dog owners and can be added to dog food. Every batch of every product is lab tested, and lab results are listed on every product page online for total transparency. 

Today, Chill Paws continues to grow, and they ship products around the US (rules may vary per state). Chill Paws also occasionally co-hosts local events with supported rescue organizations (The Animal Pad, Skid Rover, Rancho Relaxo, and L.A. Love & Leashes). 

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