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Thanon Sukhumvit
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"Two Tiger Entertainment Co. Ltd." buys in entire Thailand interesting and profitable businesses like Beergardens, Restaurants, Nightclubs or even a Gogobar. These businesses were checked by us prior purchase, concerning economy, future security and profitabillity. Management and staff will work along with us in most cases. 

We involve our investors with Share Certificates valued 14,000 USD  (10.000 €) per share and we do not want to exceed a scale of 15 shares per establishment.   In this scale the companies are much better to handle. However, there are also smaller establishments where already 3 shares are enough to take over the company. With the acquisition of a share certificate you become temporarily the co-owner of the company.

The annually Dividend per Share Certificate is 1,600 US$ (1.300 €). Perfect for Small Investors in times of low interest rates. The increasing inflation is destroying fortunes day by day.  

This is an investment in real existing establishments, which you can visit any time if you want to. Get a free drink and have a look. The establishments are all under control and managed by "Two Tiger Entertainment Co. Ltd." to make maximum profit. No Franchise is planned.

You Share Certificate is valid for a maximum Period of 8 years. After that period your temporarily share of the company falls back to "Two Tiger Entertainment Co. Ltd." and your insert will be paid back to you.

For further questions you can contact me at any time. Please send me an e-Mail or visit our website and I will not hesitate to contact you immediately.


Christian Straka (Managing Director)

"Two Tiger Entertainment Co. Ltd."

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