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Wine tastings and events in Switzerland, Best wines

DesVignerons facilitates the search for wine tastings, wine tours, oenology, meals, accommodation, wine tours, etc. at Swiss winemakers. With DesVignerons, you are sure to be welcomed by the winemakers at the agreed time. Enjoy the best wine tasting events.

Visit our website, search and find wine tastings in different parts of Switzerland. Book wine tours that offer the best accommodation, local cuisine and classic Swiss wine. Get in touch with experienced winemakers at weekends and savor delicious cuisine as well as some of the best red and sparkling white wines and more. If you are a winemaker, you can also become our business partner. As a business partner, you have the opportunity to list your vineyards and wine tastings on our website. This brings more customers to your events.

DesVignerons is the ideal solution for wine lovers and winemakers

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