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Dry Kaffir Lime Leaves

Kaffir lime leaves are a vital part of many Thai dishes, from soups, salads and stir-fried dishes. This unique ingredient blends marvelously with lemongrass and lime juice in Tom Yum to give the soup its wholesome lemony essence. In soups, add the leaves whole or torn into small pieces. They can also be used like bay leaves to add flavour to a broth or stew. When used with curries or stir-fries, cut them into thin slivers to evenly distribute the flavour.   This product will accompany the many Thai recipes that I sell. Many other Thai condiments are also available.

dried kaffir lime leaf ( Bergamot ) and strip are general ingredient which is suitable to keep in kitchen for using several Thai dishes such as pa-nang , and the chicken soup with ( tom kah kai ) . its essential oil make you to enjoy cooking delichous dish.

Name: Kaffir Lime

Botanical name : Citrus hystrix DC.  

Family name : Rutaceae



company has been operated in Dehydrated Vegetable Industry to provide Variety of dehydrated foods and food ingredients since 2009.The company in Chiangmai Thailand which is a major area of raw materials.As a result , the company can control the availability and freshness of raw materials and remain most original taste and flavor of the product.


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