Welcome. We grew up on the South Coast and we love it!  We are local business owners who have been committed to hospitality and catering for all of our working lives.

Why the name GLAZE?  In french cooking terms Glace' translated GLAZE is a french term which basically means reduced sauce  Criss is a trained chef with lots of experience and that of course includes his ongoing passion of  specialty sauces, marinades and gravies.  

And I  definitely have a professional people focused approach.  We understand that your priority right now is your family/ friends and the food they experience at your next celebration!  

We get it...There is no point doing one well and not the other!  We, and our Glaze team have a passion for both food and people and bringing them together is what we are all about!   

We welcome the opportunity to meet you personally.  We want to listen to you and design a menu that suits your occasion and budget, leaving you feeling relaxed and confident that your event is going to be a success

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