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Struggling with the language barrier? Need a little local help?

Come and try Setlr - The Language Crowd!

We're a community of native speaking bilinguals and experienced settlers, assembled to make your life easy. Got an important local question? Just ask and we'll use our clever relevance engine to find the most suitable person in our community to answer it for you. Need a meaningful human translation? Who better than a native speaking local to translate it in a way that makes sense and fits with the local style?

Forums can be a little messy, Google Translate can't make sense of local terminology or style and you probably don't need a full blown agency for all the everyday things. Our community are great at helping with:

  • Letters
  • Emails
  • Forms
  • Bills
  • Questions

Unlike forums, we provide relevant, up-to-date and one-to one help when you need it most.

Come and discover more at today!

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