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GoPhrazy is the world's fastest growing voice over, dubbing & subtitling service provider, specializing in cultural adaptation for media content in 150+ languages. We help license holders deliver the authentic experience with their content in another language by engaging the local audience in their native tongue and within their cultural context. 


We are artists, engineers and storytellers that overthrow barriers to communication to bring together people from different cultures and enable them to get to know, understand and respect each other. We employ cultural sensitivity and language expertise to help you capture the hearts and minds of your local audience and engage viewers in a culturally sensitive way across any platform, medium and device.

GoPhrazy provides dubbing services in 150+ languages for the needs of your TV, film, animation, commercial, video game or other content genre needs. We breathe life into your stories and create truely immersive, memorable experiences to facinate and engage your viewers in another language.


GoPhrazy provides culturally sensitive voice over services in 150 + languages for the needs of your television, film, cartoon/ animation, commercial, e-learning, on hold, interactive or gaming content. From expert project consulting and assessment through talent casting from one of the largest pools of professional voice actors and a state-of-art audio production, you are in very good hands with us.


GoPhrazy provides subtitling services in 150+ languages for the needs of your TV, film, theatrical, web or other audio visual material. Let's engage your foreign language audience and tell your story by conveying the authentic experience with your content through any medium, platform and format!

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