Plaza Abad Penalva 1, entlo. D
Alicante, 03002
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+34 965 201 323

YA HABLAS, language academy, is situated in the heart and simultaneously in the most ancient part of Alicante. Our facilities are equipped with air conditioning that is necessary during the summer. Each class has been furnished with comfortable and practical furniture that allows employing different dynamics of group working. In all classes the teachers, as well as the students, have to their disposition a computer with connection to the Internet, which is used as an effective tool during the learning process. All the facilities have a free WIFI connection.

Above all we try to form the lessons for our students efficient, pleasant and professional. We employ an integrated teaching method that combines the various aspects of a communicative methodology with the structured learning of grammar and syntax.

All students are encouraged from the very first day to speak Spanish. And from the advanced beginner's step it is even expected. Development of the communication skill is naturally develop by role plays, practical application situations, intensive hearing exercises under the use of songs, TV/radio, Internet etc.

You can start one of our Spanish courses anytime because our school is open the whole year. All courses have a minimum duration of a week with a maximum of 10 students per group in high season, but courses will normally be composed of 5 students.

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