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C/ Princesa, 70, 1º
Madrid, 28008
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Since 1973 students from all over the world have come to our school to study Spanish. Paraninfo enjoys well-deserved prestige and through many successful years has gained a lot experience making us an important reference in the teaching and spreading of Spanish. Our courses are of an extremely high quality, complete, diversified and carefully designed.

Our success in educating has been recognised by the Cervantes Institute - the school is an officially Accredited Centre for the propagation of both the Spanish language and culture. This accreditation serves as a guarantee of quality as it is only awarded to centres that meet all of the conditions set out by the Cervantes Institute.


The aim of Paraninfo Spanish school´s teachers is to enable students to communicate in Spanish in a natural and fluent way. A pleasant and cosy work atmosphere exists in the academy with a dynamic style that lets the student feel comfortable and at ease. We know that each person learns in a different way and that everyone has a different personality. We thus give each student individual attention.

Our Spanish teachers

Our teachers are highly specialized and qualifiedin teaching Spanish and have had extensive training. They are highly motivated, dynamic and with lot of experience. The teachers know and are familiar with all the techniques used to learn Spanish from traditional methods to the latest dynamic tendencies. They know exactly what resources to use for each group and person and how to use them.


Before starting the course, students have to take a placement test in order to determine their level and ensure that they are placed in the correct group. Once the course starts, a teaching mentor remains in frequent contact with the students, monitoring their academic progress to identify any weaknesses and address them accordingly.


Alongside our academic programmes we also offer various extracurricular activities so students can have fun and learn at the same time. Madrid is the ideal city for going out at night, having some “tapas”, or visiting some of the most important museums in the world. The activities are designed for students to continue using and improving their Spanish outside of the classroom, enjoying themselves and getting to know our culture better.

Activities include: guided tours of Madrid, visits to museums, workshops, conferences, dinner and flamenco shows, a photography contest, the opportunity to try international cuisines, a Carnival costume party, Music Week, Book Week and various excursions to nearby cities.

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    +34 915 433 139