Language Logic LTD.

United Kingdom

Language Logic is an language training method. We offer courses in General and Busness English.

The Language Logic method will shorten your learning time and improve information retention efficiency. It will refine the way you attain language fluency in not only a shorter time frame but most important of all, in a way that makes you enthusiastic about the time you have to spend doing it.

 The astonishing revelation of “learning sequencing” that Lambros discovered he defined as Language Mapping. “Developing your route and then branching out”. By ensuring a definite beginning and ending, knowing your origin and your destination will help you focus on what is expected of you to achieve your goal.

Lambros also discovered that it was possible to separate the learning material into 3 modules with one module progressing from the other. This he termed The Three Levels of Fluency. After completing the 1st Level of Fluency you will be able to read write and speak your target language. It is of such a complete standard that it may be adequate for your purposes. The levels are designed such that you can take up the next level at any following convenient time.

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