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Among the schools for Italian language and culture in Italy, the Galilei Institute is unique in its exclusive specializing in One-to-One, personalized and small group full immersion courses specifically designed for professionals, students and everybody who has little time to study but wishes to acquire significant results in a short period of time. Established in 1985 in the center of Florence (5 minutes walking from the Cathedrale/Duomo), the Galilei Institute attained the highest prestige among language schools in Italy by providing its first class services to the leading companies of the world.


The Italianone-to-oneand small group courses(max. 4 students) enable the students to put the learned grammar structures directly into practice as they assure a high degree of active participation at the lesson.

In fact, the experience showed us that the key factors for quick and in-depth results are a rigorous attention of the teacherto each student, a studying program tailored to the individual linguistic needsas well as a continuous practiceof the learned structures under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Particular aspects of language can be explored or emphasized according to the student’s wishes and needs. The One-to-one courses grant full flexibility in terms of schedule and program.

One week of our One-to-One courses corresponds to approximately one month in a class with other students

With 3-4 students per class, our Small Group courses are a good alternative to One-to-One course for those who prefer to be part of a group class but still wish to work on an almost individual level.

 The One-to-One courses can be started and finished any day requested. The small group courses start every other Monday.

One-to-One courses

We offer a wide range of programs from 4 to 8 hours of lesson per day with the option of having included lunch at the restaurant with the teacher, which gives further opportunity to consolidate the practical use of the language by emphasizing on conversation. All details and prices are shown at the following Internet address:


Our programs are never rigid nor the same for everyone. We establish a personal program of study in order to allow every individual to reach the desired goal and level. The students are free to decide the beginning date, the schedule and the length of the period of study. Our One-to-One courses are divided in ten levels: from the first one, for beginners, to the tenth in which the complete control of the language is achieved.

Small group courses

Our courses for small groups have a maximum of 4 participants. The lessons begin on fixed dates and last from two weeks on. They are structured in three levels in order to provide a solid base to beginners and train for a fluent use of the language at the upper levels.

The details of our three small group programs are listed on Internet at the following address:

Supplementary courses

Other than Italian courses, Institute Galilei also organizes courses like Cooking; Art History;History of Florence; Drawing & Painting and Guided Visits to the museums and churches of Florence.

The structure of these courses (One-to-One and small group) is the same of the Italian courses and has been developed to allow the highest personalization and thus to give a complete answer to the needs of each student.


The secretary’s office takes care of finding the right accommodation among very selected hotels, families and apartments. Some of the best 3 and 4-star hotels give our students discounts that rise from 10% to 50% depending on the period of the year.

School's facilities

The rooms of our school are equipped with air conditioning, audio-visual system, stereo recording facilities and a computer to practice the grammar and to connect to Internet. A wireless connection is available, and can be used by the students with their own laptop.


The school is located in the centre of Florence, only a 5-minute walk from the Cathedral (Duomo). Florence stands to the Italian language like Oxford to English. Florence is the place where Italian was born and the first writers such as Dante and Boccaccio were Florentines. Still at the present time Florence is the town in Italy where a purer Italian is spoken while in other regions of Italy dialects are spoken and their heavy inflexion in the pronunciation can give foreigners some trouble in understanding the language.

Students Activities

Free weekly tours with a professor of art history to the museums and churches of Florence are organized for the students, as well as excursions to other Italian towns and the seaside during the weekend, dinners with other foreigner students in Florence, one-day cooking courses, wine tasting with visit to the farms.

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