Il Faro

Via Eraclea 2
(Caorle) - Venice, 30021
+39 3 338 927 127

Il Faro holds intensive language courses for different levels, in small classes of six students. The school of Italian language Il FARO also organizes special focus classes on History of Italian Art, Italian Literature, Legal Italian and Italian for Business, and evening seminars (free of charge) of Italian music and Italian Cinema.

Centro di Lingua e Cultura IL FARO is located in the town of Caorle, a charming seaport rich of culture, history and traditions, 30 miles from Venice. Its enchanting beaches and picturesque historic center with its variety of restaurants and "gelaterie"� make it an exquisite location for an enjoyable vacation. Besides, being relatively small and away from major tourist routes, Caorle gives students endless opportunities to interact with local people and experience authentic Italian culture.

School IL FARO organizes language courses, with special courses for children, and culture classes in different levels; it also offers packages for schools, and fellowships for college students. The small size of our classes (4-6 students), the use of authentic materials and up-to-date teaching resources guarantee great results even in short periods of time. Also, our teaching method merges grammar study with a communicative approach, thus enhancing all four language skills, reading, listening, speaking and writing in each class.

At Il Faro, each course is enriched with evening activities and field trips to explore the natural and cultural beauty of the territory, and taste the intriguing flavors of regional food and wine.

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