Hello Study is a service business offering to students and foreigners coming to France an administrative assistance, and ensures that you find a place in French- speaking schools as well as specialized schools all within the French cultural spectrum (oenology, bakery trade, confectionery, fashion).

Our agency is based on close proximity with our students, fully providing them with assistance and support.


help you with the administrative procedures at your arrival in France

assist you in the choice of classes adapted to your personal and professional project

offer a personalized follow-up with your projects to make your stay in France a successful one

Why Hello Study ?

We support you country-wide : whatever the French city you have chosen for your studies we will be there to help you

Studies : take your choice in the various classes : general-purpose French, professionnal French, business French, gastronomy French... we will guide you to what is best suited to your project.

Friendly, helpful and close to you : In addition to being profesionnal advisors we are also friends and traveling companions seeking to share our experiences.



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