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Welcome to don Quijote Spanish Language Schools, where no matter what your motivation for learning Spanish is –be it career goals, exams, your education in general, or just plain fun –there is always a quality course designed for your needs and interests. You can also choose from a diverse variety of destinations from across Spain, each one highlighting the unique appeal of Spain’s cultural and geographical landscapes.

Learning Spanish with don Quijote is more than learning the world’s second most spoken language. It also means having a wonderful experience and making friends from around the world. don Quijote has been at the forefront of Spanish language education since 1986, welcoming thousands of international students each year to immerse themselves in the rich culture and language of Spain.

don Quijote destinations

Barcelona: a cosmopolitan city that sits right on the Mediterranean coast and is famous for its artistic and international flavor.  

Granada: Nestled between Spain’s expansive Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea, this Andalusian city features attractions such as the Alhambra which carry on the cultural legacy of the city’s Arab past.

Madrid: Spain’s capital lies right in the heart of the country. This is also Spain’s largest city, where bustling activity and plenty of attractions invite students to explore.

Salamanca: a historic university town with a youthful feel, a lively nightlife, and an old town with stunning architectural achievements that seems to teleport visitors to a distant past.

Tenerife: Year-round warm temperatures along with scenic beach and mountain landscapes help make this island study setting an attractive destination among students.

Valencia: This cosmopolitan city sits right on Spain’s sunny Mediterranean coast, an ideal place for hanging out on the beach, enjoying paella, and learning Spanish.

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