Cornaro Institute

Mehmet Ali
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The Cornaro Institute was founded in 2007 as an offshoot of the Cyprus College of Art, the oldest art school in Cyprus. The Institute is based in Larnaca, near St Lazarus Cathedral, where it offers a variety of programmes. This includes art, education and social programmes.

  • IELTS and Leisure English Language School
  • Art Classes for Beginners and the More Experienced
  • Accredited art and design classes for people wanting to apply to study at university
  • Art exhibitions
  • Art materials shop
  • Lectures and conferences
  • Coffee and tea shop.

We are also home to the celebrated Caprioni Casts, a set of historic plaster casts, over 100 years old, of sculptures including the Venus de Milo, which attract tourists and other visitors to the Institute.

We are located at 23 Mehmet Ali Street, 6026 Larnaca, Cyprus. Tel. +357 2425 4042

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