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Argentina Language School is a group of trained and experienced language professionals who have teamed up with one of the most important leaders in Argentine tourism. We have combined our experience in the field of education and our experience in the travel industry to create an exciting option for linguistic tourism and travel in this country we love. Since we are also an official Spanish school offering the International Certificate in the Spanish Language (CILES) exam for academic accreditation back home, and since we coordinate with academic institutions in your country, our students will be able to achieve academic credit and advanced placement as a result of their participation in our courses.

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Our staff combines Argentine Spanish teachers, linguistic tourism experts, recreational specialists and physical education teachers in order to integrate Spanish learning with all educational aspects, and provide security and support for our students. In this way we aim to provide the highest satisfaction levels for your school. Our service includes the most effective teaching methodologies, educational and recreational activities, comfortable accomodation, modern ground transporation, and the most reasonable air transportation arrangements available in the market.

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