Lama youth employment Pvt. Limited

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Lama Youth Employment Private Limited is the proposed name of the agent being collaborated with the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource ( Bhutan ).   The main purpose for this agent would be to send the Bhutanese workers overseas which have the accepted framed linked being established with the significant recognized agent from worldwide.  All in all, this is mainly focused in an encapsulation of purely idea to send workers to overseas for working it so that reducing of underemployment or unemployment will done drastically without any exception.

Lama Youth Employment Private Limited is one of the significant proposed recruiting agencies to develop an ever growing list of satisfied clients which would specialize in the recruitment of technical, skilled and professional manpower around the globe. We would considerably work to recognized as highly successful in providing reliable, qualified and cost effective solutions to Personnel needs.  Substantially as a paramount use of measures for professional recruiting would be the sole solemnity aims to offer totality recruitment solutions to its clients and work to guarantee a successful recruitment.

Total Client contentment is the base basis of our checked values. The fundamental value that would however revolve about our work culture and all our business operations is our certainty in the gift capability of people. Working exclusively on this attitude, we will have always definitely struggle hard to unite the right kind of people with the right type of job.

We attempt prominently to offer right value added services to facilitate clients to comprehend their respective peculiar goals through recruitment of the best available manpower. We demeanor ourselves with deep measured of promise to professionalism, integrity, consistency and dependability in ensuring the ideal solution to fulfill clients’ requirements.

We are committed to perform outstanding administration teams for our clients to battle in the global market without failure. We grant nevertheless the perfect match and solutions for the human resource needs of our clients through long term client associations’ manufacture on familiarity, knowledge, skills, insight and team.

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