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All in one solution HR, Staffing, Payroll, Sponsored employment (local and Expat), Advise and Support Immigration, Working Permits, Visas e Business Setup

AkiuBCS is an Oil & Gas HR Recruitment, Manpower Supply, Contracting and PROJECT Management Company,   that support Clients in the Oil & Gas (Upstream/Downstream), Petrochemical, Power Generation, Civil and other related industrial sectors

AkiuBCS is a licensed Oilfield services company in Angola, we provide a all in one management solutions on employment (PEO), payroll (both local and international), liability cover, immigrations and much more. We are fully compliant with all local tax and labour legislations.

Our own created partner network is comprised of local labour lawyers and is all fully licensed in all 4 sectors, namely oil and gas, mining, telecoms and Natural Energy as an employment agency and service provider!

AkiuBCS is a leading visa service company that provides easy and competent immigration/Visa solutions for individuals and private companies from all across the globe. We have already opened the Angola border to many talent hands and brains. Whether you wish to move to Angola for work or you need to move your business there, we are at your service with our trustworthy expertise to make your relocation to Angola quick and smooth.

AkiuBCS can assist clients in all aspects of the Angola visa process and provide advice on a full range of immigration related matters. This also includes post-decision services such as case appeals to the Migration and Ministerial Intervention requests.

Additionally Akiu provides services:

• Incorporation Solutions

• Sponsored employment for expatriates
• Immigration advice and solutions
• Business permit applications and approvals
• Work permit applications and approvals
• Full payroll solutions
• Split payroll solutions for expatriates
• Full compliance with local labour law
• Drafting of all legal contracts
• Insurance coverage solutions
• Cloud-based payroll system
• Date-effective currency conversion rates for calculations and reporting
• Multi-currency options and wide visibility using Cloud Analytics

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    +244 923 454 953