Western Marine International Corp.

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Western Marine International Corp. start up in 2015 and specialize in dispatched foreign fishing crew to engage in the deep sea fishery over 24 years. There are more than 1000 seafarers per year we appointed who have involved in Taiwan ocean fishery up till now. Our service is to assist employer with introducing foreign factory worker, foreign caretaker and foreign fishing crew into the markets of international employers. Our skilled training workers contain three nationalities: Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. They are trained in OUR training/fishing school in Indonesia and Vietnam, so they are capable and skillful. We strictly ask our trained crew who must own the certificate of seaman book (certificate identity) as well as plentiful fishing skills in terms of Long-Line, Trawl, Squid, or Purse Seiner vessel. Their competitive advantage is High-Obedience and Shift Work. Our competent manual workers are qualified to do the job of Day care personnel/Caregivers, Fish fillet, Ship’s Officer or Ship’s Engineer, Construction, Shipbuilding, Cleaning, Agriculture, Butchery and so on. Compared to your local salary, their pay is quite low = cost saving. Do you want to fill a gap of skilled manual workers? Are you experiencing the shortage of manual workers locally? If so, please take account of our foreign manual workers. 


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