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TSC is a brand of JT1 - Leading tech recruitment agency in Vietnam. With the aim of meeting the investor demand, TSC lauch as an extra service in order to well serve tech companies worldwide. Our mission is to offer a well-round solution for your firms to deliver the product timely.

For a short time, our network has expanded across the global IT Recruitment market with more than hundreds of domestic and international partners, thousands of candidates. With long-time experience and trends-catching ability, we thoroughly understand the demand for software engineers is now sky-rocketing all over the world. Also, after collaborating with many international clients, we realize the working capabilities of Vietnamese engineers are much higher than in the past and up to the global standard. Moreover, the On-site working mode breaks out during & after Covid, accompanied by the more-than-ever high need for an easy & simple way to manage offshore development center (ODC) has been challenging for business. TSC is here to help you puzzle out.



TSC is responsible for recruiting employees, undertake other related issues such as salary, social insurance, and benefits for employees according to the provisions of the Labor employment law.


TSC represents businesses in selecting and managing IT talents for software development. Recruit and manage teams to complete short/long term projects.


TSC provides professional experts to assist your raw payroll data processed according to the latest regulations in Vietnam

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