Kuwait Career for Recruitment & Consultation Started on 2007; to drive client’s productivity while reducing workforce risk as, in our experience, this always drives profitability. We do this by partnering with our clients to source the right talent, assess their organization and their people, develop their workforce and manage their workforce.

Advantages for the job seeker

Have access to good quality jobs in a variety of fields that are not advertised publicly.

If you are seeking a new job while you are still employed. Your time is rightfully occupied with performing well in your existing job, with very little time left over for an active job search. We effectively does a portion of the searching for you, by keeping you in mind for positions that come available.

Prepare you for a job interview when a suitable position comes available. by having a preparatory discussion with you about position specifics and the hiring company. You are still responsible for doing your own preparation as well,

Advantages for the hiring company

Company does not have to waste its time sorting through piles of resumes from candidates who may or may not be qualified for a job opening.

Start interviewing candidates more quickly because a professional recruiter likely has several qualified candidates already in mind.

Another advantage that many hiring companies appreciate is that a professional recruiter can handle as much or as little of the hiring process as they want. Some companies use a recruiter solely to obtain resumes of qualified candidates so that they can then conduct screening, interviews, background checks, etc. using their internal resources. Other companies prefer to be more hands off, allowing the recruiter to find suitable candidates, conduct preliminary interviews, and even do necessary background and evaluation tests before sending the candidate to see the hiring manager.

Advantages for both the job seeker and the hiring company

One of the biggest advantages for both parties is that each knows the other is serious about the open position. Companies are not about to spend the money to hire a professional recruiter if they do not intend to follow through and hire for the position in question, which is good for the job seeker. And only candidates whose qualifications meet the job requirements exactly are referred to the hiring company for consideration, which saves the company time and effort.

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