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About Us

A different breed of recruiters. That's how we think of ourselves at Global Healthcare & IT Services. What sets us apart from other recruiting firms? Our attention to details and goals.

Most recruiting firms have a large database of professionals, and look for the first one that will accept a position they've been asked to fill. At Global Healthcare & IT Services we take a different approach.

We get to know each candidate on a more intimate level. We take the time needed to understand the goals of the professionals we represent, both now and for the future. Then we proactively look into the marketplace for opportunities that aren't available elsewhere. The opportunities present our professionals with a better chance at growing in their career.

How do we access the high caliber professionals and opportunities others miss? We have a deep network of professionals already in the market, we utilize powerful recruiting technology that digs deep into the Internet, and we are part of a large group of well respected recruiters who take the same approach we do. These three combined allow us succeed where others merely fumble.

Are you ready for a different experience? If so, drop us a line and let's partner together. Whether you're looking to advance your career, or fill a specific need in your organization, we're ready to bring a different edge to your aid.

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