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We provide career counseling to adults, especially new immigrants, preparing you for a targeted job search requiring a CV in Hebrew and interview coaching. Many  clients avail themselves of our career counseling services which include vocational tests such as Holland and the MBTI. We are annually footnoted in What Color Is Your Parachute for our work in this regard. Career counseling is geared to those who are unable to decide how best to use their skills in today's job market in Israel.


New immigrants starting a business or self-employment are entitled to between 10-25 hours of free business mentoring with me as a recognized business coach, subsidized by Misrad Haklitah. Call MATI Rishon at 03- 9674704 to apply for this service, which can take a few weeks to get approved. Next business course for olim starts May 25 in Jerusalem. CAREER TRANSITIONS WORKSHOPS:

We have  substantial expertise in creating and facilitating workshops for unemployed Israelis, including new immigrants, down-sized high-tech workers, and women re-entering the work force. We have conducted over 200 job search workshops to unemployed adults throughout the country. Some of our workshops in Hebrew are free! Apply to take one at Sherut Hataasukah, and ask for Sela (sadna lechipus avoda.)

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