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Typical monthly staffing costs here in California range between $2,600 to $4,300. Include other costs like tax, insurance, etc. and it would go up being $3,379.94 to $5,633.23. Now that's high! With the high salary demand and aggressive labor laws, it gets difficult for companies to have a team of competent and hardworking individuals that will stay loyal and true for many years. But did you know that there is a way to reduce staffing and overhead costs and at the same time have a staff of skilled, experienced and workers?

When you work with us at Smart VA Staffing Agency, it will cost you between an average of only $940 to $1,050 a month, no additional charges, no agency fees, no tax, and no insurance. Imagine saving between 64% to 76%! Since 2011, we have been hiring, managing and providing virtual assistant services for a lot of different companies. These virtual assistants are based in the Philippines that often come with good education, have great American English writing and speaking skills, experienced, skilled who are looking to land a stable, high-paying job to support themselves and their families.

We hire exclusively in the Philippines and have had success recruiting Filipino Virtual Assistants across a wide range of skills such as Customer service, Data entry, Legal support, Web development, Graphic design, Accounting, QuickBooks, Email support, Content writing, I.T. support, Medical billing and a whole lot more. Start by sending us a description of the job that you're looking for to fill and we'll give you a viability assessment, cost estimate, and a probable timeline. You can learn more about Smart VA Staffing Agency when you visit our website and for a free consultation, simply call 949-505-9026 today!



Smart VA Staffing Agency
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