MijnOnlineCV.com was established as a collaboration between an Employment Agency and a Webdesign Agency.

We came up with the idea because of our awareness of the difficult economic situation for many Jobseekers. Because of the economic changes which have affected considerable parts of the EU, it is harder to find a Job or project for Jobseekers, or for starting entrepreneurs.

At MijnOnlineCV.com, we aim to provide a business tool for Jobseekers and starting/existing Entrepreneurs, while giving them the possibility to present themselves better, in a different, more creative way to Recruiters/Companies. This is all due the CV Website.

How it works:
For our customers, we build a professional website in an easy CMS WordPress (Content Management System), with a professional and unique design (see example).

With this CV Website we give our clients the best tool which enables them to be easily accessible to Recruiting Agencies and Companies. We make sure you are found on Google and other search engines by providing a direct link to all your Social media - from the Blog on your CV Website.

We make Your CV Website or starting Website from €99.- euro that is including the first year for your Domain name              (www.yourname.com), and first year of Hosting for your Website.

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