The first thing that any potential employer will learn about you is from your CV and first impressions are important! We can compose an outstanding CV on your behalf which will really sell you as a candidate to the employer. What with the recession it has never been more important to have a great CV as there are now many more applicants for each vacancy as a result of the recent job losses.
We are professional CV Writers based in Cambridge.

We offer the following CV writing services:

1. CV Editing - This is for those of you who have a CV already and would like it improved. We will review your CV, correct errors and may change the way in which it is written so that your CV reads better, as well as increasing the range of vocabulary used if necessary. For this we charge just £18.


2. CV Writing - A brand new CV written from scratch. This is for those of you who do not have an up to date CV. We will send you a questionnaire which once complete we can use to compose your professional CV. It will be arranged in a way which makes it pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. The wording will be structured using good English and all necessary components included. The CV will then be emailed to you. The charge for this is £28.


3. Covering Letter - A well-written covering letter is essential for job applications, when possible your CV should always be accompanied by a covering letter. While your CV sets out the skills you have for the post, your covering letter more explicitly presents your motivation and adaptability. For this we charge £9.


4. LinkedIn Profile - In today's environment it is critical that you have a well-managed online professional presence. Linked-In has quickly become the premium domain for professional networking and we are proud to offer a unique service creating your profile. For this we charge £24.


5. Job-Board Submission - Once you have the perfect CV, how do you maximize it's exposure to ensure you get noticed and increase your employment options? We offer an effective solution by registering and placing your CV on the most in-demand digital job-boards, including Reed and Total Jobs. The charge for this is £24.



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