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Evaporative Coolers

An evaporative cooler known as swamp cooler, desert cooler and water cooler is a machine that gives cool air through evaporation of water. Air cooler is different from typical air conditioning system which can use vapor – compression or refrigeration cycles. Evaporative coolers work by employing water large vaporization. The dry air can drop through phase transition of liquid water to water vapor that can cool air using less energy.

Outdoor Cooling Solution is a very creative and efficient solutions for outdoor cooling for schools, hotels, restaurants, gardens, patio, mosques, construction sites, warehouses, and parking. It provides stress relief also in animals like horses, cows, livestock, falcons, dogs, and birds. Heavy duty and high-quality evaporative air coolers.

We do also for short term daily rental, long term or season rental. Industrial air coolers provides you a customized solutions and wide range products available for rent in UAE.


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