Doorways to Italy was inspired by a desire to share the joy of Italian Property Ownership with others.

Like most Australians who have a love of property investment, I couragously dipped my toes into the Italian Property Market in early 2014 and was delighted with the outcome. For me it signified, not only a great capital investment with a strong yield, but the planting of roots in a country I wish to spend more time. Realising the value as compared to most local investments in the current market, I felt the need to share this opportunity with others.

Maybe you too have caught a glimpse of the beauty of Italy and wish to be welcomed into her inviting fold. Or maybe you also have dreamed about the possibility of buying in Italy but have been overwhelmed by what seems impossible.

Whether you are looking for a holiday escape or to find out how you too can buy your dream Italian home or investment, it is here where I can help guide you through the process.

The holiday apartments listed here are owned by Australians, who use them as time permits and of which are available for rent for your holiday to Italy.

If it is the buying process you are interested in, discover how easy and straight-forward it is with all the information included here, and supported by a team of Italian professionals with a broad network of contacts and property selections at your disposal.

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