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Pure Skin Beauty are an award-winning chain of Unisex, Laser Hair Removal & EmSculpt clinics in South West London.  Our clinic in Vauxhall, offers innovative, cutting-edge and market-leading beauty treatments.

Are you searching for the best, permanent hair-removal solution?  Look no further than  Soprano ICE Platinum (an award-winning laser hair removal system).  This is the perfect, pain-free solution for removing unwanted body-hair.  At last, you can say goodbye to shaving, waxing and those unsightly ingrown hairs! We offer Womens’ Laser Hair Removal; Mens’ Laser Hair Removal; Face Laser Hair Removal and Full-Body Laser Hair Removal. We also offer trans-friendly laser hair-removal and laser hair-removal for PCOS sufferers.


Are you dreaming of toned abs and a trimmer tummy? Want to achieve a fuller, rounder butt? Need instant results? Then we can help! Pure Skin Beauty is proud to be a leading provider of EmSculpt in South West London – an innovative and non-invasive unisex fat reduction treatment. (Similar to Coolsculpting)

If you want to achieve a toned, trim tummy without any blood, sweat and tears, you need EmSculpt for abs.  Delivering the equivalent of 20,000 stomach crunches, this body sculpting treatment is intensely powerful and offers results you can feel immediately and see around 3 weeks after completing treatment.

Are you longing for a more curvaceous bottom? Want to tone up your butt without needing to spend hours in the gym? Then EmSculpt for buttocks could be the perfect solution for you!  Each 30-minute treatment delivers the same toning power as 20,000 squats.  Designed to help you ‘cheat’ your way to a bigger booty, EmSculpt is a non-invasive body contouring procedure. A fantastic alternative to Brazilian Butt Lift surgery or butt implants, EmSculpt for buttocks is safe, painless and requires zero downtime.

We offer EmSculpt for Abs; Non-Surgical Bum-Lift by EmSculpt and Non-Surgical Fat-Loss by Emsculpt. We’re proud to use the EmSculpt fat-freezing and body-sculpting system. Our accomplished, highly-qualified staff have a wealth of experience and are dedicated to helping our customers achieve results.

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