Sullaria Foodstuff Trading LLC

United Arab Emirates

Sullaria whole Foods is a Canadian based consortium with international distribution hub “ Sullaria Foodstuff trading LLC ” based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and production facility based in Seoul, South Korea.

We specialize in premium functional health supplements. Our highly innovative team of R&D professionals developed a cutting edge line of functional Health supplements that deliver the right amount of the right substances to the right place of the body at the right time. We endeavor to play a leading role in this fledgling global pursuit of quantum change in health and wellness by empowering people achieve their paradigm shift.

Our Products:

SullAria Collagen
SullAria Fat Burner Blue Skies
Sull Aria's Organic Vegetable based Detox Juice
Sull Aria's Fitness Jelly drink- Dynamic
Sull Aria's Vitamins Sour Lemon Jelly drink
Sull Aria's Vita-Slush Organic Jelly slushy/drink

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