The Expat Kids Club offers cultural consultancy and mental health coaching for expatriate children and adolescents -- so-called, "Third Culture Kids" - who are challenged with day-to-day issues surrounding life in a non-native country.

Cultural consultancy facilitated by an qualified Child Psychologist and mental coaching combine to help children work towards achieving specific goals and/or developing certain skills in an intercultural environment. It is a proactive approach to transition periods, and gives the entire expatriate family the opportunity to thrive in a dynamic environment.

Typical issues that are addressed via the Expat Kids Club: adjustment to new circumstances, intercultural trainings, overcoming social anxiety, making new friends,  "fitting in" in new environment, dealing with school anxiety/refusal, addressing communication blockages within the family, aiding in developmental-milestone delays (i.e., toilet-training, sleeping problems, etc.), and expressing unresolved grief that is a result of relocation.

One-hour sessions incorporate various techniques including play therapy, behavioral modification, cognitive-behavioral training, as well as humanistic (client-centered) approaches.

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