Dr. Nicholas Jenner. Psy.D Ma

Aubachstr. 23
Hohenstein, 65329
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+49 1 629 434 878

I am primarily a Counseling Psychologist who deals with people’s everyday problems, hopes and dreams but there is much more to my work than that. I can offer you, the client, classic psychotherapy on an individual or couples basis but due to the experience and expertise I have picked up along the way, I can also provide other helping services such as Life Coaching and Stress Management, helping busy people find balance and perspective in life. I also work closely with managers and executives to prepare them for special events which could be holding a presentation or taking part in a difficult negotiation. Part of my work with companies is also to mentor younger managers and team-leaders to prepare them for the challenges they will face in management.

 Who Are You?

My clients are varied and come from all walks of life and I ensure that they benefit from my multi-faceted approach and range of services. I consult with clients who can be suffering from mental health problems such as depression or the effects resulting from bereavement, job loss, relationship breakdown or abuse. Many clients come to me when they are experiencing a loss of perspective in their career or family and some just need a safe place to talk or manage the stress they are under.

Corporate clients tend to see things differently where management coaching and training is my focus. I find that the skills used in therapy are essential tools for helping managers and businesspeople cope with the challenges of the workplace.

Therapy is primarily meant for looking back to establish the root cause of problems. Coaching on the other hand is meant for personal evolution. A therapist focuses on helping clients overcome past problems. These problems are so disruptive that they seem to get in the way of functioning normally. These problems are generally caused by some incidents in the past. Therapists work with the client to resolve these problems by talking about the events in the past. A coach on the other hand sets goal for the client and generally helps him move forward. He or she helps you to design your life the way you want it to be. The coach plays a supporting role and helps you to reach your goal. These goals can be career oriented, business oriented or any other goal. They can be even goals for health.

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