Mind Matters Counselling Singapore LLP

Sims Ave, 540, 540, 540
Singapore, 387603
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+65 90 250 402

Mind Matters Counselling Singapore provides professional counselling and psychotherapy services by certified counsellors offering effective, affordable and confidential counselling.

Mind Matters provides the following psychological services:


  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression Counselling
  • Relationship and Marriage Counselling
  • Self Esteem Counselling 
  • Anger and Aggression Counselling
  • Trauma and Grief Counselling
  • Gaming and Social Media Addiction Counselling 
  • Alcohol and Gambling Addiction Counselling 

Unable to cope? Don’t suffer in silence! Seek professional help. Mind Matters offers Effective, Affordable, Confidential Counselling by Qualified Counsellors.

Counselling is an investment in one’s mental health and emotional well being to address and work through issues - stress, anxiety, low self esteem, relationship problems, addiction etc - that are acting as psychological roadblocks affecting you adversely.

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