Lihie Gilhar, Clinical Psychologist

I am a South African trained clinical psychologist whose three degrees have been obtained at The University of the Witwatersrand (B.A. and Bachelor of Honours (First Class) and The University of Pretoria (Masters in Clinical Psychology, with distinction and honorary colours). 
I have published a JOURNAL article re – my Masters Thesis in the, " The Psycho-analytic Psychotherapy in South Africa - Volume 16 , No 2, 2008 ". In addition, I have published a book, "Voiceless, in a Starving Inner World" that is now available online at numerous sites, for one. 
I have various therapeutic experiences having worked in South Africa at :

  • Tara Hospital in the Adolescents and Eating Disorders Ward
  • BaragwanethHospital in the Child Psychiatry Ward 
  • Helen Joseph Hospital in the Adult Psychiatric Ward. 
  • In Israel I have worked with:
  • Autistic children at Aloot
  • Mahon Green
  • Tabetha School
  • Abarbanel Hospital, female closed ward

I have my private practice and treat childred, adolescents and adults.
I also do psychological assessments comprising of emotional and intellectual functioning.

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