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I am a Portuguese Licensed Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Coach delivering my services In ENGLISH from my consultation office in Lisbon . I also work online, via Skype.


My approach to therapy is grounded in psychodynamic theory and relational psychoanalys,  and my practice has an integrative nature, drawing inspiration from multiple therapy theories, modalities and perspectives, from systemic ideas, attachment theory, trauma models, brief-solution frameworks, EMDR, clinical hypnosis,  cognitive behavioral techniques, or mindfulness strategies, which enhances my ability, and my flexibility, to attend different situations and expectations.

Psychotherapy can be helpful for people who experience:

  • Chronically poor Self-Esteem; 
  • Anxieties, Panic Attacks and Phobias;
  • Depression and Loneliness issues;
  • Difficult Grieving periods;
  • Recurring disappointments  and dificulties in communication with Love Relationships, Family members or  Friendships;
  • Problems with intimate and sexual relationships;
  • Eating Disorders;
  • Trauma;
  • Creative blocks and Procrastination issues;
  • Chronic disease and psychossomatic issues;
  • Problems feeling Happy and Satisfied, even when things are “going well”;
  • Problems with Mood, Anger and Irritability;
  • Inflexibility, Rigidity, and a strong need for Control;
  • Obsessive Behaviors;
  • Problems with Addictive Behaviors: Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Internet, Gambling;
  • Feelings of Ineffectiveness and Failures of Performance in work;
  • Dificulties with their Job Satisfaction and Work Relationships; 
  • Expatriates and migrantes issues related with Social Interaction and Cultural Adaptation.


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