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Counseling Approach

My approach to counseling comprises mainly “cognitive-behavioral” and “Gestalt” methods. This means that we would develop a fairly active and structured relationship that is likely to include goal setting, homework, and exercises. It also means that we would look at your issues holistically, integrating the fragmented parts of your life into a more harmonious balance.

My primary role would be to help you improve your responses to certain problems without violating your core values or deeply held principles. I will assist you with reaching the objectives that you have formulated for your therapy. We can make use of many tools to help you, but these tools work best when you are clear about your goals.

Your role at the very beginning is to formulate clear, individual objectives for your therapy. If this sounds daunting, we can also do this together. The primary aim of therapy is increasing your insight into patterns of thought, emotions and behavior which cause pain to you and others. If a couple is concerned, it will also involve understanding the pattern of interaction between you. Therapy becomes successful when you apply new insights to break ineffective patterns and develop better ones.

We usually work together for about 3-6 months, sometimes less, sometimes more.

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