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My counseling approach is based systemic theory`s belief that not all solutions are directly connected to a specific problem and that a variety of perspectives are key contributors to effective problem-solving. In a dialogue with you I try to find out what could help in the process of counseling for solving the problems and difficulties in your relationship. 
Simply knowing why there is a problem isn`t enough to craft a solution; I want to explore how people create their problems, not just what the problem is. On the run you might learn how you create your problem and how you create solutions.

A big issue in the solution-focused brief therapy is to find out which resources you have personally and in your relationship. That means to concentrate on what is working, what worked well in the past, what is worth keeping and how can this help to find solutions for the problem in the future. 
Often it is not necessary to find out what is the cause of a problem but to imagine a solution or to visualize and focuse where you want to go to. Sometimes a journey to the past can make sense to have a closer look on scars and breaches to discover a way of healing them.

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