Ann Fielding, Psychologist

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Psychotherapist in Cork treating adults , teenagers and families. Let talk and work on your problems together. Call now to setup an appointment.

Why work with a Psychologist?
We all contend with stress in our everyday lives, but how we  cope with it can make the difference between growth and collapse.  
Whether we have a diagnosed mental health problem or not, we are all inevitably bruised by life and the defences and symptoms we develop as a result can prevent us experiencing life and love to the full.  
In the process of Psychotherapy, the therapist acts as a mirror, reflecting ourselves back to ourselves. 
She becomes a fellow traveller in the exploration of our inner world, supporting, challenging and suggesting strategies to cope better.
How does Psychotherapy work?
Psychotherapy or counselling helps us to develop positive coping skills so that we can live more effective lives. 
It helps us to rediscover our true selves behind the defences we build as a result of our emotional injuries. 
It helps us to gain insight into our internal worlds – our ingrained beliefs, attitudes and  hidden fears, and as a result we have more conscious control of our lives.

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