With over 20 years of experience working with paediatric and neonatal cases, Dr. Jill Orford can offer a wide range of medical services for young patients. She serves as a paediatric surgeon in Perth and provides medical assistance for children who require surgery. Dr. Jill offers telemedicine consultations as well as antenatal counseling for families living in the Perth area. Her wealth of experience as a paediatric surgeon makes Dr. Jill an excellent candidate for performing surgery on conditions like:


  • Neonatal surgery

  • Undescended testes

  • Tongue-tie

  • Infantile hydroceles

  • Umbilical hernias

  • Congenital defects


Many of these conditions are quite serious and only a specialist can provide medical assistance. For medical problems like these, Dr. Jill is ready to assist. She’s been consulted to work with patients from many prestigious hospitals thanks to her experience and expertise. Her patients can rest assured that their child is in the hands of a qualified paediatric surgeon who handles routine surgical operations as well as serious medical problems.


Dr. Jill is qualified to perform laparoscopic surgery which makes use of extremely thin instruments and a laparoscope (a tiny camera). Because of its high degree of complexity, only a paediatric surgeon like Dr. Jill should handle such a case. She is also able to conduct hepatobiliary surgery for young patients. Given that the scale of a young patient’s internal organs are miniscule, it’s important that an experienced paediatric surgeon like Dr. Jill oversees the surgery.


Being a paediatric surgeon, Dr. Jill provides a more specialised care. If your child requires surgery, you won’t find any other surgeon with the same background and experience as Dr. Jill. She is available for consultation on neonatal and paediatric cases in Perth as well as greater Western Australia. For direct consultation, submit your enquiry and Dr. Jill will get back to you shortly.

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