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Many of the people in world are suffering from different disease. But if they take treatment at the beginning from good doctor then it can be recovered very easily, because to recover any disease, one of the most important things is to take right treatment from the right person. Some of the people have disease from childhood and some of them have after childhood. Age doesn’t matter in disease because any person of any age range can acquire any type of disease.

Some of the diseases are fatal and if the treatment is not received by the patient at the right time then it continues to harm the body and one day it may become a big problem. Another important fact is to take medicines regularly and to ensure that those medicines are from recognized company and also that medicines are not expired, as use of expired medicines can have fatal side effects.

There are many types’ diseases in the world; like Heart diseases, Cancer, skin diseases, skin diseases also has various types; first one is Acne which is normally occurs due to the curse of adolescence but is also found in about 20% of adults, second is Rosacea which is a common disease mainly affecting the face, causing redness of the chin, nose, cheeks and forehead. Another one is Eczema, it causes the skin to become irritated or inflamed and last but not the least is Psoriasis, it produces red plaques which are covered with silvery scales.

Psoriasis is a common skin disorder and chronic disease which can affect skin and joints. Nowadays Psoriasis is a systemic disease that means disease which can affect on organs and tissues or may be affects whole body. Psoriasis normally occurs in adult but children’s and teens can get it too. It happens due to rapid growth of new cells which affect body. It is not a contagious disease so can’t spread by touch. It has symptoms like mild with small areas of rash, skin gets inflamed with red areas also skin may get itchy and tender.

Psoriasis i hårbotten is one of the types of Psoriasis which produces raises, reddish and often scaly patches. It should be recovered at beginning otherwise patches may occurred on skin. It may affect entire scalp, spread to forehead, back of the neck or behind the ears. It is most of the time unnoticeable but gives long term effects and symptoms are itching, reddish plaques, dry scalp and hair loss, burning sensation plus silvery white scale and dandruff. It is one of the types of Psoriasis which gives more pain. Many times, it spreads only due to wrong treatment or treatment taken too late. To treat scalp Psoriasis proper treatment is require like, use of medicated shampoos, cream, soaps and oil can help to control it.

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