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681 Flatbush Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11225

Urgent care


Mon- Fri  9AM–10PM

Sat  10AM–6PM


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It always happens at the worst time- a glass breaks in your hand when you are washing it. Your toddler falls and cuts his lip. Your daughter sprains her ankle just before her first important school dance. Most accidents happen in the home, and when they do you need urgent care.

 AG Urgent Care Centers opened clinics in Brooklyn neighborhoods so that when you need fast care for your family we are nearby.

 Our urgent care clinics care for you quickly, carefully and with an understanding of your busy life. If you cut yourself cooking, step on a rake while gardening, wake up with a rash or have an aggravating cough that won’t go away, AG Urgent Care Centers are here to help. Our clinicians have been working in emergency medicine for a long time and can treat your needs quickly and carefully so you can return home. Consider us a Brooklyn emergency room with extremely short wait times!

 AG Urgent Care Centers are here to take care of you. We are open nights and weekends when your clinician’s office is closed. Whether your child sprained their ankle at Little League practice or you cut your hand on a fence, our pediatric and adult urgent care clinicians and nurses will take care of you right away.



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